“No words can really describe this
beautiful place. We got to experience ‘Nature's Spotlight’ – the SUN & the MOON at Crooked Mountain.”

Paul and Catherine, from Winnipeg

Owl and butterfly
Things to do Here & Near title image

Things to do Here and Near

  • hike into the forest and explore 80 acres of rich unspoiled wilderness on groomed trails.
  • mountain bike for miles on quiet country roads.
  • fish off the creek bridge just minutes from your cabin.
  • photograph wildlife (the Great Grey Owl loves it here)
  • sketch, paint, read and write.
  • enjoy the wildflower meadow, butterflies and the smell of cranberry bushes after a fresh rain.
  • listen to birdsong serenades on warm sunny days.
  • watch the sunrise and the moon and stars travel across the vast horizon.
  • enjoy a winter wonderland with ski trails right outside your cabin door.


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